Saturday, March 27, 2010

Reid Conference: Talks I Saw

I just got back from a week in Scotland, where I attended a fantastic conference on Thomas Reid.

In this post, I am just going to give a list of all the talks I saw, and actually write up more about some specific talks later (note: for many of the conference sessions, I had difficult choices about which talk to attend, and I also left the conference a day early, if that gives you any indication of how much was going on at this conference):
  • Thomas Reid in the History of Moral Thought (James Harris)
  • Thomas Reid's Experimentum Crucis (Todd Buras)
  • Thomas Reid Between Externalism and Internalism (René van Woudenberg)
  • Dugald Stewart on Innate Ideas and the Origin of Knowledge (Emanuele Levi Mortera)
  • An Open Revolt against the Authority of Reid: Thomas Brown and the Developments of Common Sense Philosophy (Christina Paoletti)
  • The Enkinaesthetic Foundation for the Development of Reidian Artificial Signs (Susan Stuart)
  • Reid's Assault on the Theory of Ideas (Lewis Powell)
  • Thomas Reid and the Moral Philosophy of Samuel Stanhope Smith (Bradford Bow)
  • Thomas Reid in the US: a Potato-Pop-Gun? (Jean-Marie Chevalier)
  • Direct Realism and The Infinite Divisibility of Time in Thomas Reid (James Bruce)
  • Reid's Theory of Language (David Alexander)
  • What Kind of Realism? Reid on Aesthetic Response (Laurent Jaffro)
  • Reid on Consciousness (Dialogue between Rebecca Copenhaver and Udo Thiel)
  • Reid on Virtuous Habits, Belief, and Moral Responsibility (Esther Kroeker)
  • Reid and His Fellow Scots on Moral Foundations (Phyllis Vandenberg)
  • Instinctive Exertions and the Conception of Power (Chris Lindsay)
  • Reid on the Moral Faculty (Keith Lehrer)
  • Reid on Acquired Perception (Rebecca Copenhaver)
  • Four Questions About Acquired Perception (James Van Cleve)

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