Friday, January 1, 2010

Post APA: Sessions I Saw

I wound up attending quite a few sessions at the APA this year, so I thought I'd take an opportunity to recap what I saw before I forget too much of what went on. I hope to have a couple of posts about some of the things that really grabbed my attention/interest from the talks I saw, but for now, here is a list of the talks I made it to. As always, some talks I wanted to see were scheduled at conflicting times, and sometimes the practical necessities of getting a meal prevented me from attending as many sessions as I'd have liked to:

• International Berkeley Society: Session Commemorating the 300th Anniversary of the Publication of the New Theory of Vision
Kenneth Winkler: "The First Person in Vision"
Martha Brandt-Bolton: "Is the Doctrine of Visual Language Integral to Berkeley's Theory of Vision?"
• Symposium: Affective Language and Truth-conditional Semantics
Elisabeth Camp: "Presupposition, Complicity, and Literal and Figurative Insults"
• Colloquium: Epistemology
Kay Mathiesen: "Groups as Epistemic Agents"
Julianne Chung: "Hope, Intuition, and Inference"
• Hume Society: Scepticism with Regard to the Senses
Angela Coventry:*
Don Ainslie: "Hume's Phenomenology of Sensory Experience"

•Colloquium: Expressing Truth
Fritz McDonald: "Minimalism and Expressivism"
Clayton Littlejohn: "Truth and Warrented Assertion"
•Colloquium: Perception
Berit Brogard: "An Alternative to Color Relationalism"
James Genone: "How to be a Direct Realist"
•Collloquium: Stuff
Charlie Tanksley: "Masses and Four-Dimensionalism"

•Symposium: Epistemology
Malte Willer: "New Dynamics for Epistemic Modality"
•Colloquium: Metaphysics of Mind
Paul Audi: "Three Types of Antireductionism"

*I don't recall the title of Angela's talk, but it was about Treatise 1.4.2, 'Scepticism with regard to the Senses'


Kenny said...

Awesome. We'll have to talk about the Berkeley session when we get back. I'm especially interested in the Bolton talk.

Lewis Powell said...

Yeah, I have a note to tell you that you might want to e-mail her for a copy of the paper, given your interests.